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Company- @GoodVibesToys

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Company- @GoodVibesToys 


  • We want safer workplaces for our sex educators. Dangerous COVID-19 policies and lack of information around sexual harassment policies leaves Good Vibrations employees unprotected. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • The SECSE strike is the only way left for workers to demand better of Good Vibrations after complaints and reasons for quitting have been covered up by the company. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • Good Vibrations corporate needs an overhaul to address how favoritism and friendship have resulted in the total breakdown of accountability among corporate and management staff. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • Recognizing the east coast workers in the Babeland Union would provide a secure workplace and a welcome return of income for both corporate and employees.#StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • The workers of Good Vibrations represent some of the most vulnerable populations in daily life, nevertheless a pandemic. Good Vibrations can’t be a feminist company AND exploit it’s vulnerable workers. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • Good Vibrations isn’t a women-owned space where marginalized identities can be safe. In fact, the owner has left his east coast, trans employees on strike without jobs for two weeks rather than take action to meet their needs. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • If Good Vibrations is going to promote consent then their workers shouldn’t feel unsafe and unheard in the workplace. Coercive practices have no place in a sex positive space. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE 

  • Good Vibrations would rather leave trans and queer employees without jobs than allow them to have union representation. Don’t let Good Vibes management deprive our communities of intersectional sex education just so they can have more power over their employees. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • As the current administration does everything it can to strip rights away from trans workers, we have a responsibility to advocate for their needs. We can’t let Good Vibrations silently ignore the right of their workers to speak up about mistreatment. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • If you have ever received comprehensive and empathic sex education from Good Vibrations, now is the time to give back. Help trans and queer sex educators create a space that’s safer from COVID-19 and mistreatment from upper management. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • Businesses cannot claim to support queer, trans, and otherwise marginalized communities if their allyship stops with paying customers. Now the customers of Good Vibrations are speaking up and we won’t stop speaking until they meet their employees’ needs. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE

  • One human resources representative to 12 bi-coastal locations is unacceptable. It’s time for Good Vibrations to stop opening new locations and start facing the consequences of their anti-worker budgeting. #StandWithSECSE #ImWithSECSE 



Yelp Review Templates:


Shopped with Good Vibrations? Consider leaving a yelp review telling Good Vibrations how much you appreciate the work of SESAs, but that you won’t be spending your money with them until they meet SECSE’s demands. Leave a one star review to show them you stand with SECSE. 

Feel free to also write a personal experience at Good Vibrations to speak to the value of the educators that work there.


Normally I love to shop with Good Vibrations. Their knowledgeable staff and well lit stores are a welcome change from most sex toy shops. Unfortunately, their corporate office refuses to meet demands for safety and better human resources from their striking worker collective SECSE. Until Good Vibrations meets these demands they won’t see any of my money. 


If Good Vibrations is going to promote consent then their workers shouldn’t feel unsafe and unheard in the workplace. Coercive practices have no place in a sex positive space. Good Vibrations is a valuable community resource and when it’s corporate office refuses to meet the demands of it’s striking workers it is corporate, not the workers, that is depriving the community of the services it provides. I won’t be shopping with Good Vibrations until they meet the demands of their striking worker collective SECSE.